Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

We have now added video capabilities to PEP-Web, and have also added the first batch of videos!  We treat videos like articles, and organize them into videostreams, which are like video journals.  Best of all, the dialog for each video is transcribed, so the full text of each video can be searched just like any other article on PEP-Web, and you can access any point of the video by selecting the corresponding text in the video widget.

The initial release of the PEP Videostream is very limited in content.  The platform is now in place, however, and we will be looking to bring together and preserve all existing audio visual material of interest and relevance to psychoanalytic thinking, practice and research, as well as to encourage the creation of new material.  As a result, we expect the available material to grow rapidly and for the video archive to become a valuable resource for research, study and teaching.  You can read about PEP’s new video feature, and find out more about contributing videos. There is $100,000 dollars available for grants to make videos about Psychoanalytic Practice and Thinking!