Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

We have great things in store for you this year!  There are lots of exciting new features planned, and rather than our traditional schedule of a data release in January, and a midyear “all-at-once” feature release, we will be starting a new continuous improvement schedule, where we will be adding new features throughout the year.

First, let’s start by announcing the new content that’s been added to PEP-Web for 2015.

  • Two new journals:
    • Jahrbuch der Psychoanalyse (1964 – current)
    • DIVISION/Review (2011 – current)
    • And a PEP Exclusive:
      • International Journal of Psychoanalysis en Español (new, first issue coming in March 2015)
  • Full text access to another year of current data
    • 2011 issues now available for most PEP journals (most have a 3 year publication embargo)
    • 2009 issues now available for American Imago and Psyche (these have a 5 year publication embargo)
  • New Videos Added (we add these as they become available)
    • The first of the 2013 PEP Grant videos, “Black Psychoanalysts Speak” debuted in December

This new version of PEP-Web contains the complete text and illustrations of 58 premier journals in psychoanalysis, 96 classic psychoanalytic books, and the full text and Editorial notes of the 24 volumes of the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud as well as the 19 volume German Freud Standard Edition Gesammelte Werke.  It spans over 144 publication years and contains the full text of articles whose source ranges from 1871 through 2015. There are over 97 thousand articles and over 13 thousand figures and illustrations that originally resided on 1956 volumes with over 892 thousand printed pages. In hard copy, the PEP Archive represents a stack of paper more than 292 feet high and weighing over 4.0 tons!

A Sample of the New Features and Upgrades in this version and planned in the coming weeks:

  • New Video Tab Design: We are making the video navigation better, with an easy to access integrated list of videos from all the videostreams, and a new bibliographic style view.
  • New Offsite Articles Feature:  You will soon notice a new source option on the search form “Articles of Interest on the Web”.  When you do a search, the results may include hand picked articles that aren’t available on PEP-Web.  Selecting one of these articles from the results will open a window with the external website loaded at the point of access or purchase of the article.
  • New Tip feature: Soon there will be a tip of the day feature to help you learn and use PEP-Web more efficiently.
  • Tutorials: We are working on new tutorials to help you use PEP-Web more effectively.
  • New “slide up” Freud SE/GW translations:  Rather than the current popups, hovering now allows the translation to slide up from the bottom of the screen, which makes it easier to select text and copy/paste from these documents.  Also, we have a new option to turn off the translation feature when you are not interested in seeing the translations.
  • Improved print formatting:  Print formatting has been improved, and the coming offline features will offer additional ways to obtain a more traditional printed copy.
  • Improved author index: The index will using full author first and last name to make it more precise when you select an author to view.
  • A new sorting option for articles in IJP Open:  Makes it easy to browse the newest articles.
  • Offline viewing options: we are working on several new ways to read PEP-Web articles when you are offline!
  • Better support for mobile devices: Better formatting and support for Touch Icons so you can save an icon on your mobile device desktop with the beautiful new PEP Logo and jump right to PEP from your home screen.  Also we will be working to improve formatting and display on mobile devices.

The PEP Archive is available 24×7 from any location. We support Open-URL and a number of authentication standards, making it easy to integrate into your own on-line library resources (see PEP Help for more info).