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Terms and Conditions for Subscription to The Chinese Annual – 订阅中文版年刊的条款合约

  1. Subscriptions to IJP Chinese are valid for twelve months from date of purchase, are non-transferable and subject to the conditions of use set out below.  Each subscriber is an authorized user. Subscriptions for personal use only. The subscription may not be used for teaching or other activities for a 3rd party (for example a university or public hospital) and access will not be possible from such computers in public institutions with an IP address logged in PEP’s systems. Institutional users should contact the publishers of IJP Chinese directly.
  2. REFUND POLICY. PEP and IJP offer no refund for any reason once payment has been confirmed by the subscriber.
  3. Availability. PEP has contracted its suppliers for PEP-Web to be available from a link 24 hours a day 7 days a week subject to routine maintenance and in all reasonable circumstances.
  4. Authorized Users paying individual rates are entitled to free direct support from the publishers of IJP Chinese For any questions or difficulties regarding the Chinese Annual, you will need to contact Support for one month following the renewal of their subscription is permitted to ensure users can log on and access articles. Subsequent support incidents may be charged at the discretion of IJP. PEP-Web and the PaDS database require a user to have Internet access and an approved browser. There are no limits on use but users should log out when finished as not to do so may affect the performance of the system.
  5. Each authorized user will be assigned a web user ID and password during the registration process. They GIVE access to all current volumes of IJP Chinese at If you already have an account to access other material on PEP-Web then that account will be merged with your new IJP Chinese account so that you will be able seamlessly to browse and search all the material for which you have purchased access. If you forget or wish to update your password or be reminded of it visit the Psychoanalyst Database (PaDS): Users are liable for the security of their username and password and must not transfer it. There you can also advise of a change of email address. This is important as if you lose your password this is how we communicate. It is also how we communicate how to renew your subscription.
  6. Copyright. The PEP-Web Archive is owned by PEP or its suppliers and is protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions.
    • All copyright (electronic and other) of the text, images, photographs, and videos of the publications appearing on the Archive is retained by the original publishers of the Journals, Books, or Videos. Saving the exceptions noted below, no portion of any of the text, images, photographs, or videos may be reproduced or stored in any form without prior permission of the Copyright owners.
    • Authorized Uses. Authorized Users may make all use of the Licensed Materials as is consistent with the Fair Use Provisions of United States and international law. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit in any way whatsoever any Authorized User’s rights under the Fair Use provisions of United States or international law to use the Licensed Materials.
    • During the term of any subscription the Licensed Materials may be used for purposes of research, education or other non-commercial use as follows:
      • Digitally Copy. Authorized Users may download and digitally copy a reasonable portion of the Licensed Materials for their own use only. In the case of books (including the Freud works), users will be able to download chapters or papers or sections, depending on the item, but not whole works.
      • Print Copy. Authorized Users may print (one copy per user) reasonable potions of the Licensed Materials for their own use only. In the case of books (including the Freud works), users will be able to print chapters or papers or sections, depending on the item, but not whole works.
  7. Termination. In the event of termination of subscription any material downloaded, printed or otherwise stored as permitted in the preceding section should not continue to be available and as far as practicable must be destroyed. Subsequent absence to PEPWB will require payment of an entry fee.
  8. Commercial reproduction. No purchaser or user shall use any portion of the contents of PEP WEB in any form of commercial exploitation, including, but not limited to, commercial print or broadcast media, and no purchaser or user shall reproduce it as its own any material contained herein.
  9. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. The publishers of the publications appearing on the PEP Archive and PEP disclaim any liability to any party for the accuracy, completeness or availability of any of the material herein, or for any damages arising out of the use or non-use of said material or any information contained therein.
  10. Copyright Warranty. Licensor warrants that it has the right to license the rights granted under this Agreement to use Licensed Materials, that it has obtained any and all necessary permissions from third parties to license the Licensed Materials, and that use of the Licensed Materials by Authorized Users in accordance with the terms of this Agreement shall not infringe the copyright of any third party. The Licensor shall indemnify and hold Licensee and Authorized Users harmless for any losses, claims, damages, awards, penalties, or injuries incurred, including reasonable attorney’s fees, which arise from any claim by any third party of an alleged infringement of copyright or any other property right arising out of the use of the Licensed Materials by the Licensee or any Authorized User in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. This indemnity shall survive the termination of this agreement. NO LIMITATION OF LIABILITY SET FORTH ELSEWHERE IN THIS AGREEMENT IS APPLICABLE TO THIS INDEMNIFICATION.

April 4, 2016

  1. 《国际精神分析杂志》中文版的订阅有效期为十二个月,从购买日期开始计算,不可转让,并受以下设定的使用条款的限制。每一位订阅者都是授权用户。订阅仅供个人使用。订阅不可以用于为第三方(例如,大学或公立医院)而进行的教学或其他活动,从公共机构的这类计算机上将无法使用在PEP系统中登录的IP地址进行访问。公共机构的用户应当直接联系《国际精神分析杂志》中文版的出版单位。
  1. 每一位授权用户在注册过程中将被分配一个网站用户ID和密码。用户ID和密码将准许从地址访问《国际精神分析杂志》中文版目前所有的卷册。如果您已经在PEP网站上拥有一个账户,可以访问其他的资料,那么那个账户将和您的《国际精神分析杂志》中文版新账户合并,这样您就可以无缝衔接地浏览和搜索您已经购买了访问权的所有资料。如果您忘记或希望更新您的密码,或希望您的密码被提示的话,请访问精神分析师数据库(PaDS),地址为: 用户应当为用户名和密码的安全性负责,不得转让。在这个网站上,您也可以告知我们电子邮箱地址的变化。这是非常重要的,因为如果您遗失了密码,这就是我们取得联系的方式。这也是我们告知如何更新您的订阅的方式。
  1. 授权用户一旦支付了个人费用,有权得到、也仅能得到《国际精神分析杂志》中文版出版单位直接提供的免费服务支持。关于《年鉴》中文版的任何问题和使用困难,你需要联系。用户订阅更新后一个月内将允许得到免费服务支持,从而确保用户能够在网站上注册和访问文献。此后的服务支持附带条件将由《国际精神分析杂志》酌情决定,收取费用。PEP网站和PaDS数据库要求用户拥有互联网访问和认可的浏览器。网站没有使用限制,但是用户完成访问后应当注销登录,因为如果不这样做,会影响系统的性能。
  2. 可用性。 PEP 與其供應商簽訂了合同,可在每週 7 天、每天 24 小時通過鏈接訪問其檔案,但須進行日常維護並在所有合理情況下進行。
  1. 退款政策。一旦订阅者确认付款,PEP和《国际精神分析杂志》不提供任何理由的退款。
  1. 版权。PEP网站的档案库归PEP或其供应商所有,受到美国版权法和国际条约的规定的保护。
    • 本档案库中发表的出版物中的文字、图片、照片和视频的所有版权(电子形式以及其他形式)都保留在这些期刊、图书或视频的原始出版者那里。除了下文提出的例外以外,在没有获得版权所有者事先许可的情况下,任何文字、图片、照片或视频的所有部分都不得以任何形式复制或存储。
    • 授权使用。授权用户遵照美国和国际法的正当使用条款,可以充分利用这些获得许可的资料。本协议中的任何条款都不是意图以任何方式限制任何授权用户的、在美国或国际法的正当使用条款保护之下使用这些获得许可的资料的权利。
    • 在任何订阅的期限内,这些获得许可的资料可以用于研究、教育或其他如下的非商业用途的目的:
      • 数字复制。授权用户可以下载和以数字方式复制这些获得许可的资料的合理比例的部分,仅限于个人使用。
      • 打印复制。授权用户可以打印(每位用户限一份)这些获得许可的资料的合理比例的部分,仅限于个人使用。
  1. 终止条款。倘若订阅终止,在上一条中得到准许下载、打印或以其他方式存储的所有资料不得继续使用,应当以尽可能可行的方式进行销毁。此后不登录PEP网站的时期将需要支付入口费。
  1. 商业复制。任何购买者或用户都不得以任何商业利用的形式,包括但不限于,商业印刷或广播媒体,使用PEP网站的内容的任何部分,且任何购买者或用户不得将本协议所包含的任何资料当作属于自己的资料进行复制。
  1. 责任限制。PEP档案库所发表的出版物的出版者以及PEP不对任何一方就本协议中提及的任何资料的准确性、完整性或可用性承担责任,也不就本协议中包含的上述材料或任何信息的使用或未使用而造成的任何损害赔偿承担责任。
  2. 版权保证。许可方保证其有权同意在本协议中准许的、使用获得许可的资料的权利,并且该方已从第三方获得任何和全部的必须的许可,来准许这些获得许可的资料,授权用户遵循本协议的条款对这些获得许可的资料的使用,不应当侵犯任何第三方的版权。许可方应当保障并约束被许可方和授权用户免于由于任何第三方声称的、由于被许可方或授权用户在遵守本协议条款的前提下使用这些获得许可的资料而产生的、侵犯版权或任何其他产权导致的索赔而产生的任何损失、索赔、损害赔偿、赔偿裁定、处罚或伤害,包括合理的律师费。这一保障将持续到本协议的终止。在本协议他处陈述的任何其他责任限制均不适用于这一保障